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San Technology, Inc. (Santek) is a company based in San Diego,
California that specializes in displays. While our headquarters is located in San Diego, our main manufacturing factory was established in Shang-hai, China in 2003, as a wholly owned subsidiary of San Technology,
Inc. In addition to the Shanghai plant, Santek operates a second factory in Zhuhai, China, and a third factory in Tijuana, Mexico.

Today, our Shanghai and Zhuhai factories employ approximately 1,000 employees. In addition to our world headquarters in the United States and three factories in China and Mexico, we have subsidiaries
in Japan, Hong Kong, and Germany to meet the needs of Asia, Oceania, and Europe. Our worldwide
network provides the highest-quality services to our customers around the globe.

サンテック ワールドワイドネットワーク


The main factories that make up the production base of the Santek Group are located in Shanghai
and Zhuhai, China. The site in Shanghai has a total area of 5,421m2 (58,351ft2) and 3,497m2 (37,641ft2) of floor space. The factory includes a 1,036m2 (11,151 ft2) Clean Room used for testing and the assembly of dust-sensitive products.

The Zhuhai factory was established in December 2009, and has been running as our second factory ever since. The site has a total area of 13,000m2 (139,930 ft2) and 7,200m2 (77,502 ft2) of floor
space. The site mainly produces 3D Eyewear and has the largest production capacity in the world, at
22 million pairs of 3D eyewear per month.

Santek provides standard and custom products: such as LCD panel, LCD module, LED backlight, LED Light Fixture, PCB assembly and EMS. Santek can develop products from prototype to small production as well as high volume manufacturing. With our Diamond Cutter, Santek is capable of providing
unique shaped LCDs or LC Shutters, including complex and round shapes.

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