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TFT-LCD Module
with Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

Santek Multi-Touch TFT-LCD Module

Santek offers standard TFT-LCD in a variety of sizes with Projected Capacitive Touch Screens
which enables for multi-touch, swipe, and gesture operations.

We fulfill our customer's needs in a timely manner with low development cost and a short lead time.

We also provide options such as drilling, logo printing, cover lenses, strengthened glass, anti-
reflective film, etc.

Santek Multi-Touch TFT-LCD Module

Multi-Touch recognizes more than two points of contact with the
surface. This enables various functionalities such as pinch close &
open to zoom in & out, swipe, or scroll among others.

Santek Multi-Touch TFT-LCD Module
Santek STD LCM Active Area
(H×W mm)
Structure CTP Driver IC PDF
2.4" ST0240Y9CY-RSLW-F 36.72x48.96 G+F CY8CTST242 pdf
4.0" ST0400S1CY-RSLW-F 51.84x86.40 G+F FT6206 pdf
ST0400A1CY-RSLW-F 51.84x86.40 G+F FT6206 pdf
4.3" ST0430S1WCY-RSLW-F 95.04x53.86 G+F FT6206 pdf
ST0430H1CY-RSLW-F 95.04x53.86 G+F FT6206 pdf
5.0" ST0500C2WCY-RSLW-F 62.10x110.40 On-Cell CTP FT5336 pdf
5.5" ST0550C2WCY-RSLW-F 68.04x120.96 On-Cell CTP FT3417 pdf
5.6" ST0560I4WCY-RSLW-F 112.896x84.672 G+G FT5316/GT813 pdf
6.0" ST0600C2WCY-RSLW-F 74.52x132.48 On-Cell CTP FT5816 pdf
7.0" ST0700I5CY-RBSLW-F 154.08x85.92 G+G FT5316/FT5406 pdf
ST0700I7WCY-RSLW-F 152.40x91.44 G+G FT5316/FT5406 pdf
8.0" ST0800C6WCY-RSLW-F 162.00x121.50 G+G FT5406 pdf
9.0" ST0900I2WCY-RSLW-F 198.00x111.696 G+G FT5406 pdf
10.1" ST1010I1CY-RSMLW-C 216.98x135.60 G+G TBA pdf
10.2" ST1020I3CY-RSLW-F2 222.00x132.48 G+G FT5406 pdf
10.4" ST1040C1WCY-RSLW-C 210.40x157.80 G+F+F EXC7200/EXC5400 pdf